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Digitex – DT are aqueous based disperse dye base inks for digital textile printing.

Digitex – DT inks can be used for printing on Polyester & Nylon

Digitex – DT ink can be used on any printer using Epson piezo electric inkjet printhead viz., Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh etc. using variety software.

The main feature of these inks are to provide high colour yield, brilliancy, excellent colour gamut & clog resistance so as to provide long run printing without waste of ink and costly down time.

The inks are having satisfactory level of fastness properties.
List of Products
1. Digitex- DT Turquoise 6G
2. Digitex- DT Red RP
3. Digitex- DT Yellow 4G
4. Digitex- DT Black GR
5. Digitex- DT Turquoise L 6G
6. Digitex- DT Red LRP
7. Digitex- R DP Dilluent
8. Digitex- R Cleaner
Packing: 1 Kg bottle
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