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These are easily applied dyes of high fastness properties that are capable of chemical combination with textile fibres. They have adequate stability with respect to storage and application conditions. These dyes become attached to cotton and other cellulosic fibres by chemical union with the cellulose molecule and are hence called Reactive Dyes.

Reactofix – Reactive dyes from Jaysynth are available for a wide range of applications including Dyeing, Printing, Bad Patch among others.

Our range of products consists of the following series. Please click on the series below to review our list of products within that series.
Supra Vinyl Sulphone Based
ME Bifunctional Medium Energy
HEI High Energy High Exhaust Better Level
HE High Temperature Exhaust
MESL Medium Energy Super Level
SESL Super Exhaust Super Level
Reactosol Reactive Dyes for wool
NE Neutral Dyes for Cotton Polyester Blends
HRGB Economic Trichromy
NF Nature Friendly
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