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Rossari Biotech has emerged as a pioneering force in the Textile Industry. Today it has been recognized as the Industry's prime Enzyme and Auxiliaries manufacturer. With a wide range of textile enzymes and specialty chemicals, expertise in application and complete technical know how, Rossari today boasts of a large customers base. In an effort to provide Eco-friendly solutions to the Textile Industry, Rossari offers a spectrum of products for texttile processing.
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  • Textile at Glance:
    Top dyeing, optical brightening, ozone fading, low liquor processing, garment processing at room temperature eco friendly processing, combined peroxide killing and biopolishing, problems and remedial measures in textile processing garment- new trends and demands, water repellent textile, superabsorbent fibre, fancy printing, washing off of reactive dye, wrinkle free, easy care finish, low temperature bleaching, bio auxiliaries, pollution prevention, stain removers, antimicrobial atifungal teratment, synthetic binders, flame retarders, low foaming scouring agents, print washing, silk degumming, deaerating agents weight reduction, deformers, ph buffers, carriers, diffusion accelerant’s, reduction clearing, dye fixing, oligomer treatment, stain repellents fragma series, emulsifiers, uv absorbers, cationic softeners, reactive softeners, amphoteric softeners, polymeric finish, hydrophilic softeners antipilling agents, antislippage, anti-yellowing, resins, silicone softeners, low temperature desizing, high temperature desizing, drumming.
    Green Dye Eco New Liquid Rosprint Pigment Greensoda 100/200 Liquid
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