Company Profile
Established in the year 1980, we stand among the top and reputed manufacturers of BakeOWell Eggless Bakery Premixes, Garments and Distributors for reputed Global and Domestic Manufactures and Companies.

We have more than 5000 innovative products such as Chemicals, Colours, Food additives, Made Ups, and Garments that are best known for their superior quality, reliability, & economy standards. At Jostars, we believe that every product should be maintained well and should have excellent quality.

Our Team

Meet the visionary leaders of Jostars who have been the guiding pillar of the company in its growth towards success.

Mr. Vijay Lohia

Mr. Vijay Lohia

With more than 45 years of experience in the business line of Chemicals and Dyes, Mr Vijay plays a vital role in creating business strategies, administration, and finance. He tackles all hurdles and is known for his skills in crisis management. His strong views and advice have helped the business grow.
Mr. Ajay Goenka

Mr. Ajay Goenka

He practices a techno-commercial approach to doing business that encourages team Jostars to take a practical approach to the textile processing and food additive segment. He has more than 45 years of experience in the business of manufacturing, sales and distribution of various consumer and Industrial consumer products.
Mr. Nikhar Lohia

Mr. Nikhar Lohia

A forward-thinking leader and market research expert with more than 30 years of experience equipped with ethical analytical skills. His attitude to conducting business in the present era is very classy and helps us succeed on all fronts. His approach to clients, partners, workers, and suppliers is extremely professional yet warm.
Our front team of managers and executives, who are highly qualified in the technical and commercial fields, ensure that all operations are error-free and that Customers and Suppliers are completely satisfied.

Our corporate headquarters are conveniently located in Worli, a modern business district in Central and Western Mumbai.

Our centralised state-of-the-art Administration office, Plant, Warehouse, R & D centre, and Analytical laboratories all in one location for the highest quality assurance. All located in well known "Industrial-Zone" Dombivli (East), District Thane.



To strive to meet and surpass the requirements of our customers with innovation, invention, and creativity.


To be a top global provider with a focus on relationship building along with profit making.


Honesty, Accountability, Respect, Trust, Commitment, Goal - oriented, Collaboration.

Our Commitment

The highest satisfaction and well-being of Customers, |Suppliers, Employees, Society, and the Nation.